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Crisp Natural Sound

Phonak is based in Switzerland and owned by the Sonova group, who also own Unitron. Phonak also produces the Lyric invisible hearing aid, the worlds first 100% invisible hearing aid. Lyric is the first hearing aid that can be worn without interruption for up to four months. In 2006, Phonak launched the Hear the World initiative, which aims to “raise awareness about the important of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.”

Phonak Hearing Aids

It’s your life, your soundscape. Phonak hearing devices are able to capture more voices and sounds you wish you could hear. Phonak technology allows you to have conversations in noisy environments such as restaurants and parties as well as outside on a windy day. Enjoy life without limitations with Phonak.

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Audéo Lumity & Life

With Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology at its core, Audéo Lumity & Life is designed to enhance speech comprehension, making it easier to engage in conversations even in difficult listening environments. This product offers universal connectivity, allowing seamless integration with a variety of devices. Additionally, it features health data tracking capabilities. As a fully rechargeable range, Audéo Lumity & Life ensures convenience and ease of use for its users.

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Lyric was engineered to be discreet and unobtrusive, with the ability to remain unseen within the ear canal. It is designed for continuous wear, 24/7, for several months without interruption. Because Lyric is placed in the ear canal near the eardrum by a trained professional, it is a 100% invisible hearing aid. 

phonak slim


Phonak Slim hearing aids feature a sleek and modern design, paired with cutting-edge hearing technology for exceptional performance. The innovative ergonomic shape of Slim is specifically contoured to fit naturally behind the ear, even for those who wear glasses. Slim allows you to confidently engage in conversations and navigate through challenging listening environments with ease.

phonak virto paradise


Phonak Virto Paradise is tailored to precisely match the shape of your ears, delivering exceptional sound quality to meet your daily listening needs. With its advanced technology, Virto Paradise offers brilliant speech comprehension and a crisp, natural sound quality. Additionally, the Virto P-312 model features universal connectivity, allowing for effortless streaming of audio content from a range of Bluetooth® enabled devices.

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