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The first step on your journey to better hearing is a hearing test. A hearing test is used to determine if you have hearing loss and, if so, the type, degree, and configuration of your specific loss.

Experts recommend that everyone over the age of 50 have a hearing test at least every 10 years. If you have a diagnosed hearing loss, it’s a good idea to have your hearing tested periodically in order to identify any changes to your hearing.

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If your initial hearing test determines that you do not have a hearing loss, that provides a baseline to compare future test results against. Hearing loss most often develops slowly over time, and it’s easy to just adjust to not hearing as well. Having your hearing tested regularly will ensure any changes in your hearing are discovered early and can be treated properly. If you ever experience sudden hearing loss, it’s imperative to have your hearing tested immediately, as there are certain conditions that can cause sudden, permanent hearing loss if not treated extremely quickly (within hours or days).

At Kenwood Hearing Centers, your comprehensive hearing evaluation will include some or all of the following:

Otoscopy: Your provider will use an otoscope to visualize your outer ear and remove any wax as necessary.

Audiometry: This is a standard measurement that your provider will use to identify both the type and degree of your hearing loss. This will include pure tone and bone conduction testing.

Speech: Your provider will perform tests to measure your ability to understand speech in different environments.

Other: Depending on your situation, your test may also include additional tests such as tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing.

Hearing tests are relatively quick, painless, and provide immediate results.

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