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Starkey, based in the United States, is the hearing aid industry’s only American owned and operated company. Starkey is known for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which funded a worldwide outreach program called So the World May Hear, which has distributed hundreds of thousands of hearing aids to people in need. Starkey was founded in 1967 and continues to develop innovative technology in the hearing aid industry.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey produces an extensive line of hearing aid products in many styles for all levels of hearing loss; Invisible hearing aids, RIC, CIC, BTW, ITC, ITE as well as Tinnitus specific products and hearing amplifiers for those who aren’t ready for hearing aids.

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Experience a revolutionary shift in your perception of hearing aids with the Starkey Signature Series. Designed to cater to both the desire for clear, true-to-life sound and the need for discreetness, these advanced hearing aids offer unparalleled comfort and functionality. With a custom fit that ensures virtually invisible placement within the ear, the Signature Series allows you to enjoy transparent sound delivered by Neuro Sound Technology, replicating natural auditory experiences with clarity and precision.
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Genesis AI is a groundbreaking hearing technology that represents a new dawn for the hearing industry. The device has been completely reimagined, with a brand-new processor, redesigned sound system, innovative design, fitting software, and patient experience. It is the only hearing technology system to incorporate such a comprehensive range of new features, promising to revolutionize the way people experience hearing assistance.



Introducing Starkey’s comprehensive range of effortless hearing technology that enables you to connect with improved hearing effortlessly. Evolv AI seamlessly adjusts to your patients’ lifestyle, making it simpler to hear in a wide range of listening environments. The device comes with Edge Mode, 2-Way Audio, and health and activity tracking, ensuring a comprehensive hearing experience.

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