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ReSound is a hearing aid company based in Denmark and owned by Great Nordic. Its roots reach back to 1943 and the company was official founded in 1984. ReSound has been responsible for some hearing aid industry firsts, like the digital feedback suppression system, which “effectively eliminates howling and sound distortion.” ReSound also developed the first open-standard digital chip, which allowed for greater flexibility in hearing aid programming.

ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound offers many different types of hearing aids and hearing solutions to its customers, including “Made for iPhone” hearing aids such as the LiNX 3D.

ReSound sound quality is top-rated allowing you to listen in comfort with Surround Sound by ReSound. The design of their devices are modern, discreet and durable for any lifestyle. Developed with iSolate to repel dust, water, earwax and sweat. You’ll find your perfect fit while having the ability to chose the fit, style and color



The ReSound OMNIA™ hearing aid collection now offers a custom-made option. Choose from our smallest in-ear style that is practically invisible or opt for a rechargeable design that resembles earbuds. A hearing care specialist can provide valuable guidance in choosing the ideal style to match your preferences.

widex evoke


Appreciate the moments that matter most with the help from LiNX. Experience exceptional sound quality and rationalization anytime you need it. The longest lasting rechargeable solution for hearing loss.

resound enzo 3d


The ReSound ENZO Q offers more than just high power for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss. It combines connectivity, support, and customization to deliver the ultimate hearing experience in any environment. This advanced technology has been developed to provide clear and comfortable sound, ensuring you receive the best hearing experience possible.

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