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Unitron is a global company based in Canada and owned by the Sonova group that designs and manufactures hearing instruments. Unitron has developed several innovative technologies for hearing loss and was named one of the 50 best small and medium employers in Canada. 

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Unitron has grown significantly since the launch of the “Era” platform in 2011, a hearing aid processing unit that delivers high-fidelity sound.

For over 50 years Unitron focuses much of their efforts into developing hearing aids that help with speech recognition. They’re known for the speech-in-noise proprietary technologies Speech Zone and Smart Control. They provide a full line of hearing aid models and accessories.

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Experience the versatility of Vivante, whether you’re seeking tranquility in solitude or bustling gatherings with loved ones, Vivante adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly. With Vivante, choices abound, ensuring alignment with your preferences because life thrives on diversity. Welcoming the newest addition to our robust lineup, meet Stride V-UP, a behind-the-ear (BTE) solution tailored for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Boasting our latest sound technology, Stride V-UP offers seamless Made For All direct connectivity to multiple devices, telecoil functionality, and compatibility with traditional 675 batteries.
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Introducing our Blu family of hearing aids, meticulously crafted to empower your clients on their journey to better hearing. With intuitive in-the-moment personalization and seamless Made For All connectivity, our Blu devices, powered by the advanced Integra OS signal processing system, ensure life-enhancing auditory experiences. The Blu platform guarantees consistent, exceptional sound quality. 

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Venturing beyond verbal exchanges, we aim to aid individuals in capturing the profound essence of conversations. Our innovative sound technology doesn’t just facilitate comprehension of words; it discerns nuances like speaker identification, spatial orientation of voices, and even the emotional inflections in speech, offering deeper insight into the message conveyed. Moreover, our latest sound features are designed to enhance listening experiences in noisy settings and render soft-spoken individuals more intelligible, available across a diverse range of RIC, BTE, and ITE models. Powered by SoundCore™, our platform goes beyond delivering mere auditory stimuli; it encapsulates the subtleties of speech and environmental cues, orchestrating a lifelike hearing encounter.
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With the Tempus platform, we’ve dedicated our efforts to crafting a high-performance solution tailored to address these obstacles head-on. Tempus empowers clients to reclaim control over their conversations, ensuring they never miss out on life’s meaningful exchanges. From combating high background noise to delivering lifelike sound, Tempus enhances the conversational experience at every turn. Designed to adapt seamlessly to the ebb and flow of daily life, our technology effortlessly transitions between diverse environments, sparing clients the need for manual adjustments.
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