when should I update my hearing aids

Treating your hearing loss with hearing aids is an important part of ensuring your health and well-being. Hearing aids are a great investment and can bring significant benefits to your life including easier communication, improved relationships, and reduced risk for developing dementia, depression, and anxiety.

Whether you are on your first or your fourth pair of hearing aids, it’s important to keep in mind that your hearing abilities are always changing. At the same time, hearing aids should be used every day to be effective, which means they work very hard from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

When should you update your hearing aids? Here, we take a look at a few reasons that may encourage you to upgrade your devices.

Changes in Your Hearing Abilities

Even if you are currently treating hearing loss with the use of hearing aids, we recommend that you schedule an annual hearing test. In the same way you would get an annual physical or eye exam, incorporate a hearing test into your yearly health checkups.

Our hearing abilities are always changing. While most hearing aid models are flexible and can accommodate a wide range of hearing loss, you may want to upgrade to a new pair of hearing aids if they no longer treat your degree of hearing loss. At first, it may seem like your hearing aids are no longer functioning as well as they once did, and you may even take them in for repair or cleaning. If there’s nothing wrong with the hearing aids, it may be time to see if new hearing aid technology can help you to hear better.

Visit us at Kenwood Hearing Centers for a hearing evaluation. We’ll make sure that your hearing aids are treating your current hearing abilities, and if they are not, we’ll help you find a better treatment option.

Exciting New Hearing Aid Technology

Have you been following the latest in hearing aid technology? This is an exciting time for hearing aids. Developing in tandem with other digital, wireless technologies, hearing aids are now more advanced than ever.

Most hearing aid brands offer hearing aids that connect wirelessly to your smartphone (or other devices, such as your tablet, Apple Watch, and even home entertainment systems), allowing you to stream phone calls, music, and other media directly to your ears. Usually controlled through a downloadable app from the manufacturer, these hearing aids offer a number of exciting features. A GPS geo-tagging function can help you find your hearing aids if they are lost.

In addition to these tech pairings, hearing aids are also smaller, sleeker, and smarter than ever before. With super-fast processing platforms, hearing aids process sound and provide you clarity and access in the blink of an eye. Noise cancellation and feedback cancellation features ensure a comfortable listening experience. Hearing aid design provides wearers with a level of discretion.

Rechargeable hearing aids are now more widely available, thanks to consumer calls for better energy options. With rechargeable hearing aids, you simply place them into their charging station and they begin immediate charging. Unlike traditional hearing aid batteries, rechargeable hearing aids provide peace of mind – with some models providing up to 24 hours of listening.

Changes in Your Lifestyle

When you were first fitted for your hearing aids, you provided your hearing professional with details about your life and scenarios in which you may struggle to hear. If you’ve had recent lifestyle changes, there may be a better hearing aid to suit your needs. If you’ve taken up hiking for example, you may want to get a pair of hearing aids with wind protection and a better IP rating to repel moisture. If you’ve got a new job that takes you on the road with lots of phone calls, you may want to get a pair of smartphone hearing aids that allow you to stream phone calls directly to your ears.

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