Exciting New Technology in Hearing Devices

Revolutionary technologies such as

internet connectivity, mobile device streaming, battery rechargeablity, and even GPS for finding lost devices are all now a reality in small, discreet hearing devices.


  • Discover new technology now available in hearing devices
  • Learn when it might be time to upgrade your hearing aids

Technology is changing every day. The capabilities of today’s electronics and handheld devices are truly astounding, and these advances in technology are also beneficial for those experiencing hearing difficulties. Hearing devices today implement some of the newest and most advanced technologies on the market.

Revolutionary features such as internet connectivity, mobile device streaming, battery rechargeablity, and even GPS for finding lost devices are all now a reality in small, discreet hearing devices. We are excited about these innovations and we know you will be too. Imagine answering your phone with your hearing aid, or even opening your garage door. Think about the ease of walking into your favorite restaurant as your device automatically adjusts to the appropriate noise and tone levels for the setting. What if you never had to buy a pack of batteries again? These are all examples of the realities of today’s most advanced hearing devices. Connecting your hearing aids to your mobile device (such as your cell phone or tablet) can allow you to answer your phone or stream music and television directly to your ears.

Some mobile devices can even act as a remote control, allowing you to make real time adjustments to volume and tone as your sound needs and settings change. In addition, internet connectivity provides even more features. If you want your device to notify you if your doorbell rings or your home alarms goes off, this is now possible. Take your technology to the next level by turning on the lights or starting your coffee maker with your hearing aids. Amazing, isn’t it?

In addition to these advanced technologies, there are also practical functions available such as GPS for your hearing aids. We

all misplace items once in a while, but a misplaced hearing aid can cause a lot of frustration and be expensive to replace. Today’s hearing aids implement a “find my hearing aid” feature, which saves you time and stress looking for a misplaced device.

Rechargeable devices are environmentally friendly, simple to use, and can be less expensive over time.

The advances we’ve seen in the past few months in hearing aid technology are truly wonderful. To find out what modern

advancements would benefit you and your lifestyle, schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist today! You can test drive all of these features in the comfort of your home and other environments and decide which will benefit you in your daily life.

5 Reasons To Update Your Hearing Aids

1.   Has your hearing health changed?

Hearing often changes with age which means that your hearing needs may change. It is a good idea to have your hearing and your hearing aids evaluated periodically as your devices may need to be serviced or altered to fit your changing hearing needs. If the changes to your hearing are great enough, you may even want to try new devices that offer additional functionality.

2.     Has your lifestyle changed?

A change in health, new hobbies, retirement, or any significant life change could signal that it is time to consider new hearing aids. A hearing care provider can help determine the best fit for your new lifestyle.

3.     Do you want the latest technology?

Each year, new hearing aid technologies are introduced. If you have had the same hearing aids for a while, chances are that there are new models or features that would be beneficial for you and your hearing needs.

4.     Has your insurance changed?

It is possible that your insurance may offer upgrades to your hearing aids. Most insurances change their policies every two to five years. Our billing representatives are experts at helping patients manage their insurance. Give our office a call so we can contact your insurance company on your behalf to review your benefits and see if you are eligible for an upgrade.


5.     Do you need frequent repairs?

Frequent repairs can end up costing more than a new pair of hearing aids. New hearing aids can offer new features, better performance, and be more cost effective than multiple repairs. In addition, most new hearing aids are IP68 rated, which means they are super durable and stand up well against both dust and moisture.

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