In order to help delay and even prevent cognitive decline, it is important to understand more about your own hearing and determine if interventions are necessary. In fact, a study* conducted at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) found that older adults whose evaluation revealed the need for hearing aids performed significantly better on cognitive tests than those who needed, but did not use, a hearing aid.  

What To Do

help delay and even prevent cognitive decline

  • Have your hearing evaluated regularly after the age of 50. The sooner you address the issue, the less likely you are to suffer
    cognitive disadvantages. Auditory processing can become more difficult with age and/or untreated hearing loss. It is important
    to identify hearing problems early on in order to keep the brain pathways strong.
  • Protect your ears. Even if you don’t need hearing aids, there are many ways to keep your ears protected from loud sounds.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Be wise about your overall health. According to Weill Cornell Medical School, it is important to
    prevent low blood flow, which can harm your inner ear. Exercising, eating well, getting a massage, checking the side effects of your medications, and ceasing to smoke are all steps you can take that can increase health and well being.
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