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Unitron Hearing Aids

unitron hearing aids sonoma county

Unitron is a global company based in Canada and owned by the Sonova group that designs and manufactures hearing instruments. Unitron has developed several innovative technologies for hearing loss and was named one of the 50 best small and medium employers in Canada. Unitron has grown significantly since the launch of the “Era” platform in 2011, a hearing aid processing unit that delivers high-fidelity sound.

For over 50 years Unitron focuses much of their efforts into developing hearing aids that help with speech recognition. They’re known for the speech-in-noise proprietary technologies Speech Zone and Smart Control. They provide a full line of hearing aid models and accessories.



disover next
Incredible sound performance to capture deeper meaning in conversations. The Discover Next sound features help you hear better in noisy environments, even when the softest-spoken people. You’re turning back time with the Discover Next, a truly intelligent hearing aid. More voices, less noise. Amazing speech clarity while connecting up to 4 devices.


Every style in the Moxi receiver-in-canal family is developed with the patient in mind. With 7 distinct RIC hearing aids is intelligent and is filled with sophisticated capabilities. With the use of SoundCore technology, the speech intelligibility and sound quality in unmatched.


Understand the excitement around the Stride family of behind-the-ear hearing aids. The Stride is driven by Tempus, is known for a comfortable fit, impressive aesthetics and intuitive controls that people love. With the Stride MR you’ll get the added bonus of a rechargeable hearing aid.


The Insera family of in-the-ear hearing aids comes equipped with dynamic features in a small package. Discreetly fitted in your ear canal, this small but powerful hearing aid will all you the be part of the conversation with easier speech recognition that allow for natural sounds.


The Max family of hearing aids is a Super Power hearing instrument utilizing the Tempus platform. Super Power is designed to meet our exceed patient expectations and developed to provide maximum hearing capability in rechargeable hearing hearing aid.