Starkey Hearing Aids


Starkey, based in the United States, is the hearing aid industry’s only American owned and operated company. Starkey is known for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which funded a worldwide outreach program called So the World May Hear, which has distributed hundreds of thousands of hearing aids to people in need. Starkey was founded in 1967 and continues to develop innovative technology in the hearing aid industry.

Starkey produces an extensive line of hearing aid products in many styles for all levels of hearing loss; Invisible hearing aids, RIC, CIC, BTW, ITC, ITE as well as Tinnitus specific products and hearing amplifiers for those who aren’t ready for hearing aids.


Give yourself an edge with the Livio Edge AI. The power of artificial intelligence to give you never before possible sound performance. Game changing sound allows you to hear speech comfortably, boost speech sounds, stream crisp phone calls and connect with Bluetooth accessories and select smart phones.


Built on Starkey’s most powerful and efficient platform, Thrive. The Livio AI is the worlds first hearing aid to provide superior sound quality and ability for patients to track your brain and body health. A multipurpose hearing aid that works with you.


Built on THE Synergy platform, Picasso hearing aids feature our new enhanced sound quality called Hearing Reality. It better replicates natural hearing to provide unprecedented sound quality.

HALO iQ & 2

Constant innovation and continuous technological advancements allow for HALO hearing aids to detect where you are and adjust themselves for your listening environment. With technology, hearing goes get better and easier.


The MUSE iQ helps people engage in life in a more personal way. The powerful rechargeable hearing aid allows you to experience superior sound quality, reliable technology and improved hearing satisfaction.


SoundLens is Starkey’s most advanced invisible hearing aid. SoundLens was the first custom-fit invisible-in-the-canal (or IIC) hearing aid. SoundLens is “an advanced noise reduction and speech recognition system designed to maintain speech understanding and reduce listening effort.”

Find their TruLink App on both Apple and Android

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