Siemens/Signia Hearing Aids

Siemens is an engineering and electronics company based in Germany. Siemens has been responsible for major innovations in fields such as healthcare, communications, transportation and hearing. Siemens designs and manufactures hearing aids in the United States under the name Siemens Hearing Instruments USA.

Siemens has a broad range of hearing aids, including invisible, waterproof, rechargeable, and wireless. Siemens developed the first waterproof hearing aid, Aquaris, which is resistant to dust, perspiration, and humidity. Siemens hearing aids are designed for every lifestyle and all levels of hearing loss.

Siemens hearing aids come in many styles, RIC, BTE & ITE. They also have an extensive line of accessories and hearing aids designed for the busy life of active kids & teens.

Signia AX

The new Pure Charge&Go AX is Signia’s smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid. A revolutionary Signia AX platform combines an attractive design with proven rechargeability, the newest Bluetooth features, new Earwear 3.0, and the landmark AI of the Signia Assistant. The AX allows you to hear the world free from the strain of discerning speech from background noises, delivering sound quality you should expect from your hearing aid.

Signia Xperience

Signia Xperience
Hear what matters to you with Signia Xperience. More than 90% of wearers note a natural sound experience. Features include an all day charge in 3-4 hours, direct connect to smartphones, Own Voice Processing, easy to use smartphone app, sleek design to personalize the sound of your hearing aid.


More than just a hearing aid, the Sytletto is high-tech, slim and stylish. The unique design offers superior hearing capabilities. Embrace life with stylish technology.


The smallest and most natural sounding ready-to-wear haring aid. As one of the worlds smallest hearing aids, SILK’s silicone sleeves allow them to hide sleekly into your ear.


A hearing aid talior-made to suit your ear anatomy and hearing loss allowing you to spend your time with the people closest to you. Enjoy worry free listening in your everyday life.


Convenience of rechargeability, direct streaming and the natural sound of your own voice. An elegant, stylish and discreet behind the ear hearing aid that offers the most natural hearing experience with Bluetooth connectivity.


The only rechargeable hearing aids for natural own voice sound and direct streaming. Enjoy the outdoors, meetings, favorite music or podcast with the longer lasting hearing aid.


The most convenient wireless rechargeable hearing aid in a strong housing. The PURE tackles a wide range of hearing loss providing natural sound of life. Design for mild to severe hearing loss.

Wireless Accessories

easy Tek, easy Tek App, touchControl App, miniTek, miniTek Remote App, Tek, eCharger, streamline Mic, easyPocket, Voicelink

With Siemens full line of hearing aids and accessories, you’ll find the device that is best for your lifestyle.

touchControl App

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miniTek Remote App


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