Phonak/Lyric Hearing Aids

Phonak is based in Switzerland and owned by the Sonova group, who also own Unitron. Phonak also produces the Lyric invisible hearing aid, the worlds first 100% invisible hearing aid. Lyric is the first hearing aid that can be worn without interruption for up to four months. In 2006, Phonak launched the Hear the World initiative, which aims to “raise awareness about the important of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.”

Phonak’s hearing devices run on the newly developed Belong platform.

It’s your life, your soundscape. Phonak hearing devices are able to capture more voices and sounds you wish you could hear. Phonak technology allows you to have conversations in noisy environments such as restaurants and parties as well as outside on a windy day. Enjoy life without limitations with Phonak.

Phonak Audéo Paradise

There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise. Excellent performance with several features that deliver unrivaled crisp natural sound, brilliant speech understanding, personalized noise canceling, voice assistant access with a tap and connect to smartphones, tv’s and more. Experience what hearing should be.

Audéo™ Marvel

Clear rich sound with the Marvel, Enjoy better speech understanding in noise with less listening effort. Easily connect to smartphones, tv’s and more. The Marvel allows you to choose from rechargeable models.

Virto™ B-Titanium

A super discreet hearing aid with powerful hearing technology. Choose your color and performance level with the help of your audiologist. Different features allow for full function discreet hearing ability.


Following conversations from any direction has never been easier. The CROS allows you to get on with life without worrying about battery changes. Allowing for hassle free hearing in noisy places, while driving and while out-and-about.

Wireless Accessories

The ComPilor Air, Phonak RemoteMic, Phonak TVLink, Phonak PilotOne, Roger Pen & EasyPen, Roger Clip-on Mic


You can download the Phonak RemoteControl App for your smartphone device to control your listening environment.
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