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Oticon Hearing Aids

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Oticon, People First is more than their slogan. One of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Oticon is based in Denmark and owned by the William Demant Holding Group. Oticon is also one of the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturers, founded all the way back in 1904. Since its inception over 100 years ago, Oticon has been responsible for creating many breakthrough hearing devices such as the Syncro, Epoq, and most recently Opn.

One thing unique to Oticon is instead of a corporate board of directors, they are controlled by the Oticon Foundation. A foundation dedicated to both grow business and help people with hearing loss.

Oticon’s most advanced hearing aid is the Opn.  It runs on the Velox platform which offers the extreme speed needed to rapidly analyze and balance sounds in the environment and eliminate noise between words. Surrounding sounds are available but not intrusive. Velox manages multiple sound sources, analyzing and processing sound data 50 times faster than before. Market-leading 64-band frequency resolution enables a more precise sound analysis and better sound quality to support the brain’s ability to make sense of sound.


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Introducing the award winning hearing aid OPN S™, taking the open sound experience to the next level. This power-packed device utilizes BrainHearing™ technology which is programmed to your specific hearing profile which has been scientifically proven to reduce listening effort in noisy environments. Advance technology that boasts 360 degree sound scanning and allows speech understanding on par with normal hearing.


A premium hearing aid that allows for endless customization and can be adjusted to your hearing preferences and profile. The NERA2 is considered a mid-level hearing aid that packs a powerful punch. With Oticon’s patented BrainHearing™ technology, you can be sure you’re getting a great hearing aid.


Developed for severe to profound hearing loss allowing you to understand more and stay involved in the conversation. Available in 7 different colors, this stylish hearing aid make more sense of sound. The Dynamo hearing aid comes equipped with Inium Sense feedback shield, Speech Guard E, Speech Rescue & YouMatic for enhanced listing ability.

Available on Apple and Android devices:


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