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Customer Satisfaction with Hearing Aids

In the past, consumer reports had not always been kind to the hearing aid industry, revealing a number of people who claimed to not even use their hearing aids due to being unsatisfied. However, in recent years, these numbers have changed and improved, revealing higher levels of customer satisfaction than ever before.

New technology, better processing and sound quality, and an increasing number of connectivity features have allowed people who wear hearing aids to not only hear better but also to live their lives more fully. Hearing aid wearers are not only using, but truly enjoying their devices.

New data shows that consumer satisfaction with hearing aids on benefit, value, and fit & comfort has reached 81%!*

In the past, some consumers opted for mail-order devices that were poorly made and not fit by a professional, which could be at the root of the previously low percentage of satisfied customers. We have a similar scenario today with devices available online and over-the-counter at drug stores. Patients tend to report lower satisfaction with devices obtained these ways because there are limited options, lower end technology, and lack of good professional oversight of both their medical and diagnostic needs as well as selecting, fitting, and adjustment of the hearing devices themselves.

Not only are consumers who obtain hearing aids from a hearing care professional reporting a higher level of satisfaction with their devices, but a higher satisfaction with their quality of life overall. In addition, wearers are happier with the function and effectiveness of their hearing aids.**

The developments in hearing aid technology, expertise of knowledgeable hearing care professionals, and The Hearing Aid Test Drive™ are all contributors to greater satisfaction in recent years. Modern processes and technology can lead to a positive outcome and improved quality of life – save that room in your drawer for something else!


The Joy of Hearing

If you use a hearing aid, then you know the difference it can make in your daily life. You have probably experienced an increase in confidence, happiness, and even productivity as a result of improved hearing. These benefits are available to anyone who has access to hearing healthcare. Although hearing healthcare in America is not perfect, there have been many advancements and improvements in recent years. Despite the challenges that remain, our country is still a leader in hearing healthcare. On the other end of the spectrum, there are many people around the world who do not have access to the kind of specialized healthcare needed for those with hearing difficulties.

Some people with hearing impairment have no choice but to manage their daily lives and activities without the assistance of a hearing aid, whether as a result of finances or a lack of education or access to healthcare. Sadly, a large number of those with untreated hearing impairments in underdeveloped countries are children. Many of them live with undetected hearing loss for many years.

Providing hearing healthcare for those around the world is not only important on an individual basis, but also for the countries they live in and even for world economics. Studies have shown that people with untreated hearing loss often suffer financially as a result of not being able to work to their full capacity.† This also means that in third world countries, the lack of hearing healthcare can prevent individuals from reaching their earning potential and from being able to fully contribute to society.

However, there are programs in place that are designed to aid those with hearing needs around the world. Numerous non-profits provide inexpensive options for children and the underprivileged around the world.

Tele-audiometry and mobile technologies allow for follow up care for those who would normally not have access to hearing healthcare. In addition to these non-profits, many large hearing aid companies have been generous enough to donate hearing aids to various programs and groups in need. This is what the hearing community cares about: helping people hear, regardless of their situation in life.

Quality hearing leads to not only a better quality of life for the individual, but a better world for us all. Everyone deserves to hear and programs such as these make that truth a reality.
†Better Hearing Institute, 2011

The Joy of Hearing

Customer Satisfaction with Hearing Aids You may be familiar with animals that have been trained to help those with vision difficulties, but did you know that dogs can also be trained to help those with hearing loss?

Hearing ear dogs are trained to alert their owners to important sounds such as sirens, a crying child, fire alarms, a knock on a door, a telephone ringing, and other household or emergency sounds. Dogs are trained to make physical contact with their owners when one of these sounds occurs.

The use of a hearing ear dog can increase feelings of safety for those with hearing difficulties. While an animal cannot improve your hearing, it can increase your confidence and security as you navigate through life with impaired hearing.

In addition, many service animals are acquired from animal shelters, which means that these animals are getting a second chance at life. They are chosen carefully based on temperament and size in order to ensure that they can be properly trained. The process of training can take a few months or up to a year. This process begins with standard training before progressing to audio training. Sometimes a trainer will even meet with the owner and animal at home to continue the training process or to aide in training the dog to notice specific sounds important to their new owner’s life.

We all know how cute and fun a dog can be, but when you see a hearing ear dog, think about the security, love, and companionship they provide beyond their calling.

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