Do you struggle with fatigue? Overwhelming exhaustion can happen for a number of reasons, but if you have hearing loss you may be especially vulnerable to it effects. Problems with our hearing can deplete our mental and physical energy in ways we don’t even realize. Hearing loss has a huge influence on the daily stress we are subject to, especially in workplace and professional situations.

If you have hearing loss and fatigue, some simple lifestyle modifications may help you reclaim your energy and alertness. Being understanding with yourself and making space in your life for quiet, energy restoring techniques can make all the difference.

Working Your Hearing Overtime

In the workplace, around one in every two people with hearing loss also report experiencing chronic mental or physical fatigue. Compare this to the rate of fatigue in workers without hearing loss which drops to around 30%. Having issues with your hearing can constantly “drain your battery,” making your brain scramble to process incomplete sounds into comprehensible communication.

Hearing loss initiates major changes in the way your body hears sound. Our inner ear, responsible for routing sound information to our auditory cortex where they are recognized and interpreted. When our hearing is compromised, the auditory nerve forges entirely new pathways to the brain. Additionally, our mind has to devote extra cognitive function to interpretation and comprehension.

This reorganizing of our mental energy may not seem like a big deal but it takes a toll on our physical resources and can quickly become exhausting. Our hearing is constantly sending noises from our environment to our brain to be understood. This ongoing commitment of extra cognitive resources to the task of hearing takes away from other functions, even things as basic as balance and coordination. All of this contributes to a rapid depletion of energy and can make schedules that once seemed reasonable become strenuous.

Mental Strain

Hearing loss not only changes the physical demands on our body’s systems, it can also contribute to mental health issues linked to fatigue. The effects of hearing loss contribute to increased rates of anxiety, isolation and depression. Hearing issues can cause frustration and confusion that fuel anxiety and burn through the stress responses that occur instinctively in the body. The challenges of communication can produce feelings of isolation and retreat that can easily fuel depression. In turn, exhaustion frequently accompanies depression, hallmarked by a lack of enthusiasm and overwhelming tiredness.

How Hearing Better Reduces Fatigue

When it comes to hearing loss, for many people the most important thing you can do is take a hearing test and get fitted for hearing aids. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, people wait an average of seven years from the time they first experience the signs of hearing loss before they decide to take a hearing test.

If you’ve experienced fatigue from hearing loss, contact us at Kenwood Hearing Centers to schedule a hearing test. If a hearing loss is detected, after a comprehensive hearing exam and consultation with our team, we will work with you to find the best hearing aid to treat your hearing loss.

Hearing aids amplify speech sounds and help with localization. For people with hearing loss, hearing aids help us reconnect with our family, friends, and colleagues by making communication easier. With better access to the sounds of our environment, hearing aids ensure that we no longer strain to hear or struggle to focus on sounds in noisy spaces.

Everyone hears differently, and for this reason, there are many diverse hearing aid options on the market, offering incredible listening features and advanced wireless streaming technologies. Depending on your lifestyle, your employment, and your needs, we’ll help you find the right hearing aid to seamlessly reconnect you to the sounds of your life. Hearing aids can help alleviate the constant struggle to hear, thus giving you back the energy you would have expended with untreated hearing loss.

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