Hearing Loss during the Holidays

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of better hearing.
In recent months, or maybe even over the past few years, you’ve noticed changes in your hearing. You are most definitely not alone in this experience. Hearing loss, the third most common condition in the United States (after heart disease and arthritis), affects one in three older Americans, age 60 and above. Age-related hearing loss, otherwise known as presbycusis, is often left untreated for an average of seven years from the first time changes are noticed.
Hearing specialists recommend a hearing test as soon as you notice changes. At first, untreated hearing loss appear manageable, by turning up the volume or asking someone to repeat himself. However, over time, hearing loss has the potential to affect different areas of your life, especially your social life. And with the holidays around the corner, now is the time to see a hearing specialist about your hearing to make the most of your time with your loved ones.

Don’t miss a thing this holiday season

Hearing loss affects everyone differently. In some cases, hearing loss prevents us from hearing high-frequency voices, such as those of women and children. You’ll want to hear the stories your grandchildren are telling you, as well as their voices while they’re singing holiday songs. Taking a hearing exam and seeking treatment in the form of a hearing aid will increase your ability to hear certain high-frequency sounds.

Holiday travel with hearing loss

If you’re traveling during the holidays, you may find the experience stressful and overwhelming if you are experiencing hearing loss that is left untreated. In busy public transportation hubs and airports, crucial announcements and last-minute changes to travel are broadcasted over speakers that compete with a swarm of background noises from machinery to other travelers.
With untreated hearing loss, you may experience difficulty discerning between these competing noises and focusing on the sounds and voices you want to hear. Most hearing aids are equipped with features to help you focus on relevant sounds, while filtering out distracting background noise.

Consequences of untreated hearing loss

Most family gatherings during the holidays, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah or New Year, are bustling festive affairs. These parties are usually crowded, with people talking over each other, excitedly catching up after a year apart. In these moments, you’ll want to be able to hear what your loved ones are saying to you, amidst the hubbub.
With untreated hearing loss, you may experience difficulty with speech recognition and discerning voices between cross conversation with multiple speakers. Words may sound muddled or muffled, and you may misunderstand what people around you are saying. Hearing aids assist in speech recognition and allow us to hone in on the voices we want to hear.

What to expect on your visit to Kenwood Hearing Center

When you come in to see us for a hearing exam, our hearing specialists will determine your hearing ability by testing your speech recognition abilities as well as your ability to hear sounds at different volumes and frequencies.
Based on the results of your audiogram, we will recommend the best course of treatment for your hearing loss, if necessary. Being fitted for a hearing aid will exponentially improve your holiday experience with your family this winter – you’ll be able to interact freely and confidently with your loved ones, whether carving turkey or ringing in the new year!

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