hearing aid maintenance tips

Modern hearing aids are discreet but house some of the most advanced technology. As such, they need to be appropriately looked after to protect against dust, dirt, and earwax. As you shelter in place during this time, ensuring that your hearing aid is working properly in preparation to going out into the world again is an effective use of your time. 

The following tips will help you extend your hearing aid’s lifespan.

Store the hearing aids in a dry place.

Keep your hearing aids in a dry place when you take them out each night. When your environment or home is humid, consider purchasing a dryer or dehumidifier for your hearing aids. If this is not an option, place your hearing aid overnight in the open air and leave the doors open for the battery to prevent moisture from building up.

Handle your hearing aids with care

  •       When cleaning the hearing aid, replacing the battery, or installing and removing the hearing aid, you should place a cloth underneath. This prevents harm if you drop the hearing aid accidentally. A plain-colored material will also make it easier to find small parts.
  •       Hearing aids should not be used when bathing or showering.
  •       Make sure your ears are clean and dry before inserting your hearing aid.
  •       When you undergo an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan, you should remove your hearing aids.
  •       Avoid getting products like make-up or hair spray onto your hearing aids.

Remove earwax from your device

Wax can clog the hearing aid’s microphone or receiver, blocking the sound from getting into the ear. Cleaning your hearing aids every day is important, and here’s how to do so:

  • Use a smooth, dry cloth or tissue to wipe the outside of the hearing aid
  • A small brush or even a toothbrush can be used to remove any debris that has accumulated on the hearing aid
  • Replace the wax filter if your device has one – it will look like a small circle at the end of the hearing aid that goes deepest into your ear

Professional Repairs with Kenwood Hearing Centers

Hearing aids should also be regularly professionally cleaned. If you think your hearing aid has stopped working, it is important to contact us at Kenwood Hearing Centers. We can provide curb-side service to diagnose, clean, and fix your hearing aid, as well as deliver batteries and other supplies to your car or directly to your home via mail.  

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