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Kenwood Hearing Centers is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 216 reviews from around the Web.
It has been a complete pleasure working with Kenwood Hearing Center, 1421 Guerneville Rd, Santa Rosa! That works!
Linda Kinzler
He was very friendly and very knowledgeable in answering our questions we had about the tests and products that fit my mom's needs.
Patrick Boquiren
Extremely caring and knowledgeable. We have bought both my Mom's high end hearing aids that she needed as her hearing has almost gone, and my hearing aids to treat my tinnitis. We are grateful that we were able to get better solutions for our issues at a reasonable price.
They are very thorough and a joy to work with. I recommend them highly.
William Rhoads
WowMatt is AWESOME Very professional customer service Really cares, Good listener and go above and beyond service.
Elizabeth Washington
Awesome service! Always available on short-notice, could not be more convenient!
Paul Kitzerow
The folks at Kenwood Hearing are the best. Every one in the office is very professional and efficient. I highly recommend them.
Ruth Wilson
I was very pleased with the service orientation of the branch in Sonoma.The staff exhibited respect for the patients, patience, tech skills, hearing aid dispensing knowledge, and flexibility. They allowed me to try out several alternate hearing aid brands so I could compare what works best for me. Highly recommend the company.
“I have nothing but the highest praise for their help in improving my hearing. ”
Fred H.
The entire staff at KHC has always been extremely helpful, accommodating, and informative about the latest developments in hearing aid technology.
Art Gambini
Kudos to Kenwood for excellent expertise and service.
jerry spremich
I called Dan and he was extremely professional and accommodating and I had a new set within a week.”
Loretta B.
Every person I met during my experience at Kenwood Hearing Center was extremely pleasant, patient and professional. I tried out several hearing aids before deciding on one and the result has been a positive life-changing experience. I highly recommend this company.
Great service, very accommodating. Replaced damaged hearing aids, they were very helpful and found the best deal for us.
White Heron
Bill is so wonderful, caring, thorough and helpful. My first visit with Bill was in 2014. Thank you!
Karyn Nielson
Great experience with true professionals!
Sandi McKenna
Very helpful
Linda Campbell
Say what
Ynot Ramirez
They help alot I love them
Harry Gessler
The office staff is awesome. Very helpful. The care and concern continues after your purchase as well. Highly recommend.”
Carol G.
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