Clear Hearing and A Full Life

Clear Hearing and A Full Life

Life should be lived to its fullest. Your hearing aids can make that happen.


  • Clear Hearing and A Full Life
  • Using Your Hearing Aid Features to the Fullest
  • Accessorize Your Hearing

Clear Hearing and A Full Life

Life is full of moments that you want to be part of — time with friends, celebrations with family, hobbies, and more. When your hearing stands in the way of these activities or makes them difficult, you can feel like you’re missing out. But you don’t have to – there are solutions that can improve your quality of life and open the doors to all that you want to experience in life.

When you struggle to hear, you may feel isolated from others. Having trouble hearing conversations at social functions, work meetings, or family gatherings can perpetuate a feeling of loneliness. Rather than avoiding these kinds of activities or settling for only partial participation, you can enjoy these moments and be fully engaged and improve your relationships through the use of hearing aids.

Hearing aids can allow you to once again hear the soft voice of your grandchildren, the voice of a friend in a crowded coffee shop, the inspiring message of a speaker at an event, or the ideas of your boss or coworker while you work together on a project. Whatever matters to you in life, get the most out of it through the use of hearing aids that are specifically tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

When you are able to fully participate in life, you will have a more rewarding social life, career, and even mood. Whether you are on the phone for work, riding in a car with family, watching television with a spouse, at the movies, or enjoying a hike on a windy day, your experience will improve with the use of hearing aids. No more straining to listen, repositioning your body for better hearing, attempting to block out distracting noises, or missing out on the sounds that matter most.

Struggling to hear can put unnecessary stress on your brain as you attempt to filter through sounds and decode what you hear. When your hearing difficulties decrease, you may notice all kinds of improvements in your health and disposition as the cognitive load on your brain decreases. In turn, you may notice an improved outlook on life, an overall happier attitude, and even increased motivation and drive in life. You can live a full life, even with hearing loss. Don’t settle for less. Have your hearing tested regularly and start living better.

Hearing aids today are some of the most advanced and specialized consumer electronics.

There are countless features in these tiny devices that can benefit your individual hearing needs. In fact, the hearing aids themselves can even change as your needs change. That’s right – some hearing aids now feature machine learning, which means they listen as you do and can adjust to your needs and hearing environments. Others have the ability to be upgraded to a different technology level as your needs change over time. And any device can be adjusted to your liking at any time with a quick and simple office visit – or even remotely by your hearing care professional using an app on your smartphone.

In addition to standard hearing tests and other diagnostic instruments, data logging is another method your hearing care professional can use to understand more about you, your life, and your sound environments. Once you are wearing hearing aids, data can be collected and analyzed in order to determine your habits, environments, and exposure. With your permission, this data can be sent to your hearing care provider to help in customizing your hearing aids for maximum effectiveness.

Are you using your hearing aids to the fullest? Here are some of the amazing features offered in today’s hearing aids:

  • Sound Analyzer: This feature can tell the difference between types of music, events, the indoors and outdoors, and more and will adjust
  • App Control: You can personalize your hearing aid use through the aid of apps designed specifically for you to adjust according to your preferences, needs, and
  • Sound Controller: Filters out unwanted sounds and focuses in on what you really want to hear.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Ability to connect with smartphones, television, mp3 players, podcasts, and other media using bluetooth connectivity.
  • Rechargeability: No more batteries needed – simply recharge your device.
  • GPS: Not only can you find lost hearing aids with this feature, but your hearing aids can remember how you like to hear at different
  • Durability: resistant to water and wax and stronger than ever, today’s hearing aids are designed to last.
  • Tinnitus Relief: Use a simple app to receive relief from that obnoxious ringing in your

Hearing loss is complicated and different for each unique individual. These incredible technologies allow each of those differences to be addressed and each unique need to be met. 

This means better results for you, exactly the way you want and when you want it.

Have your hearing evaluated to begin determining which technologies would be the best for your hearing needs.

Accessorize Your Hearing

While hearing aids themselves will greatly improve your quality of life, there are also a number of accessories available that can customize your experience and offer additional benefits. You want to get the most out of your hearing aids, and there are plenty of options to help you. Assistive listening devices can be paired with your hearing aids to meet needs in specific situations such as concerts, classrooms, or places of worship, and can also work as an alarm clock or notify you if someone is at your door.

Hearing loops are another fantastic option. Many public places are equipped with hearing loops that can send sound directly to your hearing aids. Locations that use looping will typically have signage to alert you of this option. Simply turn on the telecoil feature in your hearing device, and you can have access to the many benefits of looping. If you’re not sure if your device has a telecoil, check with your hearing care provider – many devices are equipped with a telecoil that just hasn’t been enabled.

As you can see, there are amazing technologies available that can help you in many of the places and environments where you want to hear best! Talk to your hearing care provider today to find out which accessories may complement your current devices.

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