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Hear From Our Hearing Aid Patients

“Kenwood Hearing Centers for years, has been helping me be a stronger part of my social group with superior service and product. He updates me to newer models and is always there to attend to any changes in my hearing. He has enriched my life.”

Peter Wells

Spring Lake Village, Santa Rosa


“It’s been over a decade since my late husband and I first came to Kenwood Hearing. Both of us had – and I still enjoy – the wonderful care and concern from these good folks. I remember the first time they told me, “I’d rather see someone a dozen times than know his or her hearing aids are sitting in a drawer because ‘they don’t feel right’. ” The professionals and the staff have endless patience. I teach a class of elders, and while like most people, I’m usually cautious about recommending a doctor, dentist or mechanic, I’ve urged at least six students to visit my Kenwood Hearing, Haven’t heard a single complaint yet! At our ages, being able to hear is so important, so such help is important and beyond measure.”

Geets Vincent


“In 1934 I was a freshman at the St Helena High School. At the graduation ceremonies in June, I listened to the baccalaureate speech honing in on our generation becoming dedicated to making a better world. We were the youthful survivors of the Great Depression. The effect of that speech make a profound difference in my personal life. Thus I began a lifetime of volunteering in hospitals, community and organizations.

My recently acquired Oticon hearing devices has enabled me to continue this dedication. I offer my sincerest thanks to the researchers, developers, and manufacturers…but especially to the competent, caring. personal dispensers who also share my commitment.

The results from regained hearing are an integral contribution to my health and happiness, for which I am grateful.”

Phena Fowler


“I’ve tried numerous hearing aids in the past ten years and the Lyric Hearing Aids are by far the best I’ve tried. They are better in every way: the sound quality is the most natural, they are incredibly convenient to use, the usual problems are non-existent, and they are invisible. This the first true advance in hearing technology. I’ve heard and tried hearing devices that claim to be significantly better than past models, but the Lyric is the only one that has delivered on this claim. These are by far the best there is for me.”

Bob Cassidy
Santa Rosa