Hearing Aid Styles

RIC hearing aid sonoma countyReceiver in the Canal (RIC): Is one of the smaller hearing aid devices on the market. Technological advancements has allowed for an ergonomically shaped receiver that places the speaker for optimum performance in the ear canal. Wearer-centered engineering ensures easy replacement and maintenance of the receiver unit.

RIC hearing aids are very popular because they are very discreet. These hearing aids are used for mild to severe hearing loss.

CIC hearing aid tucson

Completely in the Canal (CIC): These hearing aids are very attractive to consumers because no one will know you’re wearing a hearing aid. These listening devices fit further in the ear canal and closer to the eardrum. However, they are restricted to persons with ear canals large enough to accommodate the insertion depth of the instrument into the ear.

These hearing aids styles are optimal for those with mild to moderate-severe hearing loss.


BTE hearing Aid sonoma countyBehind the Ear (BTE): All of the electronics are held in a case that fits behind the ear. Tubing and an ear mold are created to route the sound to the ear canal.. Typically BTE listening devices are able to provide more amplification than smaller devices due to the larger power capabilities of the battery. The casing is available in several colors.

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