Hearing Health

Nearly 31 million Americans experience hearing health difficulties. The audiologist, professionals and staff at Kenwood Hearing Centers are dedicated to not only assisting those who need amplification, but also educating the public about hearing health.

Use this section to find out how the intricate system of the ear works, how hearing loss effects people, and ways to protect your hearing.

How the Ear Works

Problems effecting the Outer or Middle ear are referred to as conductive hearing losses…Learn More about How the Ear Works

About Hearing Loss

The hearing mechanism in the human body is a highly sophisticated and robust system…Learn More about Hearing Loss

Protecting Your Hearing

Hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds is painless, progressive and permanent… Learn More about Protecting Your Hearing

Kenwood Hearing Centers

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  • G B.
    G B.
    5 star

    Hi All, I've had very good experiences at both locations; most recently at the Guerneville Rd. These folks are wonderful. I rarely have to wait. I'm...

  • charles k.
    charles k.
    4 star

    I just started wearing hearing aids about three weeks ago. I shopped around. Tried different companies. I was looking for good service and found it at...

  • Amber T.
    Amber T.
    5 star

    I've been using this company ever since I was little. I started out with amazing people, Christine and her husband. Kathy who works at the front desk is...