To further enhance the hearing experience of our clients, we have installed a large number of wireless systems in public venues. This wireless system, known as an induction loop, allows hearing device users to receive a clear and direct signal into their instruments by the simple press of a button. As a result, our clients are hearing better in churches, banks, life long learning centers, movie theaters, and several other venues. We are leading the nation in this movement as we strive to make Sonoma County the best place in the USA to live if you struggle with hearing loss.

For a list of “looped” Sonoma County venues, click here. For more information on loop technology, click here.

Finally, we spend a great deal of time educating physicians and residents of Sonoma County by way of lectures and seminars. We are happy to speak to your organization about the importance of hearing well, the technologies available, strategies for communication and listening enjoyment.

Kenwood Hearing Centers

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    Hi All, I've had very good experiences at both locations; most recently at the Guerneville Rd. These folks are wonderful. I rarely have to wait. I'm...

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    My experience with Kenwood Hearing Center was nothing short of excellent. The waiting room was very comfortable, although I never waited more than a couple...

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    I just started wearing hearing aids about three weeks ago. I shopped around. Tried different companies. I was looking for good service and found it at...