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About Us

Each visit is customized for the individual’s specific needs, but typically includes the following elements:


We begin each appointment by getting to know you and your specific hearing needs. It is most helpful to us if you can tell us about your lifestyle and the kinds of hearing environments that are important to you. This allows us to develop solutions for you that allow you to hear all the sounds of life that are important to you.

Hearing Evaluation

During your first visit and at regular intervals, we like to measure your hearing to provide a baseline and to determine how your hearing may have changed. You will be seated in a room with special acoustics to very accurately measure your hearing at a variety of frequencies. This usually requires about 15-20 minutes for completion and is interactive with the hearing professional.

Hearing Solutions

It is only after we have spent time understanding your specific hearing needs and changes in your hearing that we can then propose solutions for you. The solutions could range from simple behavior changes, to hearing amplification strategies, or even to a medical referral. We try to provide you with choices where possible and involve you in the solutions. Our ultimate goal is to help you hear your world in all the ways that enrich your life.

Next steps

We usually set up a follow-up appointment with you or at least discuss the next opportunity to meet with you at one of our 4 conveniently located offices.

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Kenwood Hearing Centers

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    G B.
    5 star

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  • charles k.
    charles k.
    4 star

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  • Amber T.
    Amber T.
    5 star

    I've been using this company ever since I was little. I started out with amazing people, Christine and her husband. Kathy who works at the front desk is...