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Welcome to kenwood hearing centers

We’ve been helping people in Sonoma County improve their lives through better hearing for more than 50 years.
We have four conveniently located offices with professionally trained Audiologists and Hearing Specialists to provide you with the very best care.

Hearing Aid Test Drive

At Kenwood hearing Centers, we believe
the only way to know which hearing aid is right
for you is to experience the benefits in your
day-to-day life.

Personal Hearing Solutions

Personal hearing devices are programmable
instruments with digital circuits that can be
accurately programmed to match the patient’s
individual hearing loss, and sound sensitivities

Helping Our Community

To further enhance the hearing experience of
our clients, we have installed a large number
of wireless systems in public venues.

What clients Say About Us

Kenwood Hearing Centers for years, has been helping me be a stronger part of my social group with superior service and product.
.He updates me to newr models and is always there to attend to any changes in my hearing. He has enriched my life.
Peter Wells
I’ve tried numerous hearing aids in the past ten years and the Lyric Hearing Aids are by far the best I’ve tried. They are better in every way: the sound quality is the most natural,
they are incredibly convenient to use, the usual problems are non-existent, and they are invisible. This the first true advance in hearing technology. I’ve heard and tried hearing devices that claim to be significantly better than past models, but the Lyric is he only one that has delivered on this claim. These are by far the best there is for me.
Bob Cassidy
It's been over a decade since my late husband and I first came to Kenwood Hearing.
Both of us had – and I still enjoy – the wonderful care and concern from these good folks. I remember the first time they told me,
“I’d rather see someone a dozen times than know his or her hearing aids are sitting in a drawer because ‘they don’t feel right’. ” The professionals and the staff have endless patience.
Geets Vincent
My recently acquired Oticon hearing devices has enabled me to continue this dedication. I offer my sincerest thanks to the researchers, developers, and manufacturers…
but especially to the competent, caring. personal dispensers who also share my commitment. The results from regained hearing are
an integral contribution to my health and happiness, for which I am grateful.
Phena Fowler

What’s New

Protect Your Hearing

Around 40 million people living in the United States alone suffer from hearing loss. Unfortunately, that number seems to just be increasing as the years go by....

ReSound LiNX Hearing Aids

ReSound LiNX is an advanced hearing aid that was made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This powerful hearing aid connects to these devices and a number of...

Ringing in the Ears

Very recently, the condition of constant ringing in the ears has become a widespread topic of discussion. For many years, people who suffered with ringing in their ears...

Our Locations


593 N. McDowell Blvd.
Suite C, Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone : (707) 789-9191

Santa Rosa

East | Rincon Valley 52 Mission Circle #203,
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Phone : (707) 538-1000

Santa Rosa

West | Coddingtown Area, 1421 Guernville
Rd #224, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone : (707) 544-4433


1261 Travis Blvd Suite 140,
Fairfield, CA 94533
Phone : (707) 993-4505